Nursery inspiration : Calvin & Hobbes

As a teenager I loved Calvin & Hobbes. I used to read the books compiling numerous awesome comic strips of the cheeky six-year-old and his pet tiger Hobbes (who appeared stuffed to everybody else, but was very much a real life tiger to Calvin).

I must dig out the books and rediscover those comics really, and if you haven’t ever read any I suggest you give them a go :)

Anyway, the reason I talk of them is because I spotted this delightful mural, over on My Modern Met, featuring Calvin & Hobbes that would be lovely for a little one’s bedroom…

Calvin and Hobbes Nursery InspirationCalvin and Hobbes Nursery Inspiration

The comics aren’t actually aimed at children but this is the sort of nursery that both Calvin & Hobbes-loving parents and children can get a kick out of… as to children, a young boy having a pet tiger is still a cool concept!

A comic creation

And now, before I sign off, I’ll leave you with a few examples of Bill Watterson’s brilliant creation…

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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