DIY dessert : healthy banana ice cream

With summer coming up and the thought of having to don swimwear accompanying it, I’m trying to watch what I eat, which is SO HARD as I have such a sweet tooth. I’ve been thinking of alternatives to satisfy a sweet craving and so far healthy banana ice cream is my favourite. Realising this is also perfect for little ones I thought I’d share with you the easiest recipe ever, and the healthiest ice cream you’ll ever eat!

The ingredients

The best bit about banana ice cream is that the only ingredient is bananas! Well, I did add a splash of almond milk to make the mixing process easier. If you’ve never eaten a frozen banana try this recipe, I think you’ll be surprised :)

How to make healthy banana ice cream

1. Chop up some ripe bananas into slices.

DIY dessert healthy banana ice cream

2. Put them on a piece of parchment on a baking tray and freeze.

DIY dessert healthy banana ice cream

3. When frozen pop them all into a food processor and blend. To start with it’ll look like little chunks but keep going, adding a splash of milk if needed…

DIY dessert healthy banana ice cream

4. Admire how much like ice cream it ends up looking!

DIY dessert healthy banana ice cream

5. Serve. And enjoy!

DIY dessert healthy banana ice cream

You can freeze any ice cream you don’t eat but it’s best when served straight from the food processor, so I find the trick is to always have frozen banana slices on stand by and then you can whizz some up whenever you want to serve up a sweet treat that is on the healthy side.

Banana, peanut butter & chocolate flavour

I decided to go for two flavours with my frozen bananas and added a scoop of peanut butter and a couple of teaspoons of cocoa to half the ice cream, whizzing that up to provide a second, still very healthy, dessert.

DIY dessert healthy banana ice cream

Finding something that tastes this yummy and isn’t packed with cream and sugar and calories is amazing! It’s definitely what I’ll be eating now when I need a sweet fix. Do you have any healthy but incredibly tasty recipes to share? Please pass them on, I’d love to hear them :)

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