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This week I’m introducing you to Ellie Kelly, who recently ‘took the plunge’ and started her own children’s party company, Buttons in Surrey. Here she tells us how it all started and what’s involved.

Hi, I’m Ellie of Buttons Parties and I have always wanted my own company. I have been lucky enough to have some great jobs since leaving university but I always knew that one day I would go it alone. My Mum is a Primary School teacher and so when I was younger I got plenty of chances to tag along on school trips and help out when needed. After university, I went to work in a Primary School and taught art for a year. I loved it, and I knew I was going to work with kids one way or another.

After leaving teaching i went to work as an events coordinator for a children’s party company where I had my first taste of entertaining children and after a great year I then went on to be an events manager at a 4* hotel. I have now planned and managed everything from conferences for global companies to weddings, children’s parties and celebrity events.

I started Buttons this year and have loved every minute of it. Although I have never stopped working in the children’s party industry (I have been entertaining at weekends) it’s great to be able to plan the parties with the parents and then be there on the day. I know that planning a child’s party can be quite stressful and there are so many things to taken in to account. What will the theme be? Who and how many kids do i invite? Will all the children like and get involved with the games/craft/adventure? I want to decorate but don’t have the time or know where to start! What shall i do for party bags this year?

The list does go on and a lot of the parents I talk to just don’t have the time available to do everything that they want to. This is why I have designed Buttons to cover every aspect of a child’s birthday party. I can talk them though the best entertainment for the age group and number of children. I offer craft, adventure story, fun and games and themed parties so there really is something for every child. I can also plan and book the catering, design party bags to match theme or budget and link in the invitations.

An example of one of our parties is “Mini Garden Designer” which is a party suitable for children of 5 years and upwards.

The party starts with a party invitation printed on magical paper with seeds inside! The children must bring a bit of the invitation with them to plant and the rest can be planted at home with their parents.

At the party each child gets their own planting tray and sets to filling it with soil and then creating their own land with sand, shells, leaves, twigs, mini creatures and characters. It could be a Jurassic jungle, fairy glen or monsters cave. Once the paths and ponds are in place we get planting and as well as their magical paper, the child gets their pick of the plants. A bit messy and great fun!

What a cute idea to include seeds in their magic invitations! Head over to the Buttons website for further info about the garden party and many more!

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