Bento boxes

I’m not showing you these next images intending to inspire you to make lunches like this for your children, because frankly who has time?! This was confirmed when I read that Japanese parents are often working on their children’s bento boxes from 5am to 8am! Absolutely incredible but, despite knowing I’ll love my future children infinitely, I’d rather hand over a few sandwiches and have more sleep! However, on a special occasion like their birthday I’d love to give an amazing bento box a go.

And until then I will always admire the work that goes into something like this…


Awesome images by Gamene

Bento books

If you do have lots of time on your hands, are super-speedy at preparing food or just love looking at veg that’s been adapted to look like adorable creatures then here are a few books you may be interested in:

Kawaii container

And you’ll need a cute lil’ lunch box to put your creation in:


All lunch boxes available at Dotcomgiftshop

Just remember to take a photo before your little one eats it!

 Heart Debs

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