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Pain-free Birthday Cakes

How many of us have spent either an entire weekend or a whole week’s wages creating and/or acquiring the perfect birthday cake for our little ones? I know I have (usually the money option!). But why, when there are so many ideas out there for perfectly pretty, yet simple and inexpensive, birthday cakes that you don’t need a degree in art to achieve? I just don’t know! Today I have a round-up of gorgeously feasible birthday cake ideas for you, that won’t break the bank (and should taste pretty good too!).

1. This ruffled cake topper by Dandee is so cute, very simple (sewing machine required) and could easily just be added to a plain shop-bought cake (if you didn’t fancy icing your own) and would still create a lovely, homemade look.

2. How simple is this sprinkles cake by Sweetapolita? Buttercream icing covered in sprinkles just looks so sweet! And would take all of what, about 10 minutes to ice and decorate? Love it!

3. What a cool cake this kit kat/m&ms combo by Made In Melissa’s Kitchen makes! And it doesn’t get much easier than this!

4. Another simple but ingenious cake topper – inflated water balloons! This idea by Inchmark is a really cool way to quickly and easily create a very fun birthday cake. Not entirely sure how this works with candles however… :)

5. Another way to take one plain white iced cake and make it beautiful in all of about the same time it would take to order a £50 cake online! This geometric design is also created using m&ms and is brought to you by

6. Ok, I know what you’re thinking – that’s not a cake! No it’s not, it’s better, it’s an Oreo tower! But I had to include it because it’s such a cool idea. Alice would love me forever if her next birthday cake was actually an Oreo tower! This ‘cake’ idea by Martha Stewart could be translated into other biscuit towers too. How about a custard cream tower, or a jammy dodger tower? Imagine your little one’s face when greeted by a heap (but tidy) of their favourite biscuits! And no icing? You can’t go wrong!

7. This giant cupcake topper birthday cake by Decadent Delights (photos by Laura Winslow) looks fab surrounded by its miniature versions, and the homemade pinwheels around its base just finish off this playful design perfectly.

8. And finally, if your cake decorating skills leave much to be desired, why not get the birthday child to decorate their own?! How cute does this rainbow doodle cake, again by Sweetapolita, look! Edible gorgeousness!

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