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Made with love (and rice)

I have lost count of the number of times I comment on the amount of money we waste on expensive toys, when all babies really want to play with is the empty shampoo bottle/scissors/remote control etc. So why not use things you can find around your home to make toys for your babies?! Brilliant idea! Check out this DIY toy tutorial by Modern Parents Messy Kids for some brilliant ideas to get you started.

Homemade toys

Awesome images courtesy of Modern Parents Messy Kids

These are all really easy to make and don’t need any crazy ‘ingredients’. They would make a lovely coming-home gift for a new baby from an older sibling, don’t you think! I would say this is going on our Summer holiday to-do list Debs, but I actually think we need to make these before then! ;)

Whilst you’re over at Modern Parents Messy Kids, take the time to have a look around. It’s jam packed with fantastic ideas and tutorials for kids, including a load of DIY toys for your older kids too! Like this one, which includes sock monkey puppets and a fimo labyrinth, this one with an amazing treehouse play scene and an ocean in a bottle and a lovely, lovely baby’s treasure basket.


Awesome images courtesy of…

  1. Ocean in a bottle Lilla a
  2. Fimo labyrinth Bloesem Kids
  3. Sock monkey puppets Mom Inc. Daily
  4. Tree house play scene Childhood 101
  5. Baby’s treasure basket The Imagination Tree

Just adorable!

 Heart Verity

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