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Tidy toys

Fortnightly on a Thursday it’s “Toys and Teddies” time. But this week I thought I’d bring you something a little different: how to keep those toys and teddies tidy! I’m sure all you parents with toddlers have experienced toys strewn across the carpet. Which is fine when your children are happily playing with them. But there comes a point when you can’t face the mess, you’ve stepped barefoot on one two many tractors and they need to be tidied up! Although the easiest option is a big box there are many other ideas out there. Let’s have a look…

Bold boxes and drawers

Boxes and drawers are quite a classic choice but rather than boring and plain here are great ways to make a feature out of them…


Awesome images via: Houzz (left) & Home re-Design Kaleidoscope (right)


These DIY options make gorgeous use of wood. The first is made more interesting with the addition of blackboard paint. You can then change the options for storage as the child grows and changes their toys. The second idea of a crate would be simple enough to do; just add caster wheels if you want to move those toys about!


Awesome images via: Martha Stewart (left) & Decor8 (right)

Hanging basket

Another simple DIY option is to use those wire hanging baskets that usually attach to your outside walls. Put them inside instead and fill with stuff! You could spray paint them to look a little prettier…


Awesome images via: Better Homes & Garden

Stick ’em up!

I love both these ideas! Magnetic strips for cars to stick to and velcro attached to the wall and teddies makes toys fun to put away. They’ll also become an interesting feature of the room too…


Awesome images via: The Style Files (left) & Real Simple (right)

Suitcase storage

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle how about the classic beauty of a vintage suitcase? Store them out of the way under beds or add legs for a cool and quirky feature…


Awesome images via: Country Living (left) & Parsimonia (right)

Bag it up

If you don’t fancy doing any DIY but want something a little more interesting than the usual box, how about these brilliant bags from Cox and Cox?


Awesome images via: Cox & Cox

Swoop sacks

And then there’s these fab bags that scoop up all your children’s toys. You can get these brill bags alone from Swoop or there are those that hang from a tree by Fruut


Awesome images via: Swoop (top) & Fruut (bottom)

Fab ferris wheel

Finally, if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could make a big wheel to put the toys in!


Awesome images via: Ohdeedoh

How amazing is that?!

 Heart Debs

Awesome Anorak!

I love chic design and when I have a baby I imagine I will incorporate it into their room. Rather than opting for frills and fancy I prefer clean lines and bold colours. And so Anorak, with their products that are perfect for children, are a company that make me smile big!

Anorak was launched in January 2008 by designer Laurie Robertson after she graduated with a Masters in printed textiles. Childhood memories of family camping adventures form the inspiration behind this beautiful brand.

Beautiful bags & boxes

Anorak’s repeat designs are bold, bright and mostly focused around animals. Whether you need a beautiful changing bag to lug around the endless products needed for a baby outing, sleeping bags, duvets or cushions for the little ones to snuggle with or stunning boxes to store their toys in then Anorak can provide a super stylish solution…


Anorak for adults

This stuff is so beautiful that it’s a good job they cater for us adults too!


I’ve got my eye on a kissing rabbits-covered box for my distant-future child’s toys!

 Heart Debs

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Phone: 020 8299 241

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