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Contemporary kids’ clothing : Van Wright

First and foremost Van Wright is a kids’ clothing company but what makes them a little bit different is they also offer matching clothing for the mums and dads too!

So if you want to be one of those super adorable families that wears matching outfits then you have to check them out! The clothes are also really modern and super bright too; fresh and fun :)

Here’s a little look at the different collections…

Le Kex collection

Van Wright Contemporary Kids' ClothingVan Wright Contemporary Kids' Clothing

Small Talk collection

Van Wright Contemporary Kids' Clothing

History collection

Van Wright Contemporary Kids' ClothingVan Wright Contemporary Kids' Clothing

Van Wright are also working on other exciting products for your home and your children so to keep in the loop just subscribe to their newsletter.

And, just before I go, I need to share a story that I was reminded of whilst thinking about families donning the same clothes… the story of Donald & Nancy Featherstone from Massachusetts who have dressed alike for 32 of the 36 years they’ve been married. Read it! It’s adorable :)

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Van Wright website

Contact Van Wright

Phone: +49 69 707 93 703

Saffron Hue & Shoplocket

Today I’m testing a new little product on the blog! It’s by a company called Shoplocket: they’ve developed these clever little shops that you can embed in your blog… perfect for people that have items to sell but don’t want to set up an entire website to do so! It’s the brainchild of, Toronto-based, Katherine and provides a simple way to buy a product whilst looking awesome too!

Katherine put me in touch with Ruchi as she sells adorable baby bibs, blankets, and the like in her shop Saffron Hue. Perfect for a spot on Belle Bébés! All Saffron Hue products are earth friendly and printed with Azo free dyes on 100% cotton. The designs are all printed by hand using traditional Indian block printing techniques, which is interesting and impressive.

Here are a few of the products…

And here’s the shop!

Pretty awesome huh? You can buy an item directly from it or click on ‘View More’ to be taken to a bigger shop. I said I’d help Katherine out by testing the product and, as she’d love to hear what you think, it’d be great to hear any suggestions or feedback about it (perhaps you’d love to try one for your own blog?)… just leave a comment below if you have time please. And have a wonderful day :)

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Coral & Tusk


Would you just look at that beautiful image above?! It belongs to a gorgeous company called Coral & Tusk. If you like exquisite embroidery and products that have an heirloom quality to them then you need to spend a good amount of time browsing this website!

There are adorable baby booties…


and onesies with my favourite featuring a panda and tiger high-five… very cool!


If you’re looking for adorable additions to the nursery then there are cushions, art pieces, mobiles and beautiful embroidered dolls that would look perfect propped on a shelf.


And then there’s my favourite piece. The prettiest memory game I’ve ever seen. At $149 it certainly isn’t cheap, but the detail is so beautiful. I don’t know if I could let my kids touch it though! ;)


Not sure if this is right for your child? Then treat yourself! I have my eye on some hedgehog on a sled cocktail napkins;)

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Vendor Details:
Coral & Tusk website

Contact Coral & Tusk

Phone: 917 586 3582

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