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Sand, shells & shadow box

For most of our readers sunny days are being replaced with rainy ones and summer holidays are fading into fuzzy memories. So here’s an activity to relive those sunny, summer days and create a piece of artwork for your wall that is sure to make you smile…


All the details to make this incredible shadow box by Ashley Ann can be found over at Design Aglow. You could of course just use striaghtforward photo prints but if you’re loving the letters then this nifty Photoshop action will help heaps. And if you love this but didn’t think to keep your tickets or collect sand and shells from the beach then just make a mental note of something to look forward to next year :)

 Heart Debs

The Arrow of Time

Arrow of Time


An amazing idea that I hope to do myself when I get married and start a family! See more here. And have a great weekend :)

 Heart Debs

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