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Collection of cute: Growing up

…it’s what your kids do and it’s what most parents like to record. Usually with a mark on the wall every month or so. Only problem with that is if you move you leave your memories behind. So today’s decor item is the growth chart; another almost essential item for childhood (along with the alphabet print). I’ve gone and found some of my faves for you, cos I’m nice like that ;)

A ruler, but bigger

I love the taking of the traditional ruler type stick and enlarging it to capture the height of a human…

Growth chart

Available from Studio 1am

Contemporary cool

If you want a growth chart that is cool enough as a print but handily measures your child too then this contemporary animal-based one is worth considering…

Growth chart

Available from Erupt Prints

Cute as buttons

Anything with buttons is adorable. And this chart comes with a fabric marker to write on heights as well as your child’s name personally stamped on for you…

Growth Chart

Available from A.E. Wilder

Stacked animals

There are so many wall decals dedicated to capturing your child’s growth but I thought I’d just show a couple of my favourites. Love the stacked animals and adorable animal-filled tree…

Growth Chart

Chart on the left available from Willow Creek Designs & chart on the right available from Océchou.

Tag it

This lovely jute wall hanging would make a great gift. It comes in a beautiful box with pins, in a heart-printed bag, which you can use to attach the tags (complete with height details written on of course).
Growth chart

Available from Miss Natalie


Emily teaches you how to make this fantastic quilt over on her blog Student/Teacher. This is one which works better with imperial measures (would take a lot longer to make the blocks in centimetre sizes!) but there’s no reason you can’t stitch the measurements on in centimetres if this is preferred :)

Growth chart

Find the tutorial here.

Shoe size…

And finally, here are two that are a little different. If you don’t fancy a huge measuring chart then how about just using a regular tape measure and framing the results? And as well as measuring height you can measure their feet growing too…
Growth chart

Left image credit: Martha Stewartand right image credit: Real Simple.

…because framed tiny shoes are so cute!

 Heart Debs

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