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River’s Forest Room

River is the adorable little boy belonging to photographer Mum, Kate Leverenz, and River’s room is this delightfully colourful, forest-themed nursery, with lots of lovely little details. The theme and the colour scheme were born when Kate found this gorgeous cushion:

I love these colours, the quotes from “Where the Wild Things Are” and I LOVE the bookshelves! For more images of this beautiful nursery, head over to Kate’s website, and be sure to check out these gorgeous images of River himself, while you’re there :)

 Heart Verity

Woodland Wonder

For once, I’m not going to give you much of an introduction. I simply want you to look at the pictures and see if you can guess what this post is about…

Did you guess…?!

They’re beanbags!! I promise! :) How cool are they?! For a woodland themed bedroom or a tree house play room, these would be amazing!! From Chic Sin Design on Etsy. Love love love! :)

 Heart Verity

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