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Festive decor: wall Christmas trees

We’re officially counting down to Christmas! Woo! And what better way to do it then a round up of alternative Christmas trees (actually I predict watching Love Actually and drinking snowballs is a better way but this will just have to do!)

When it comes to Christmas, I personally think tradition is pretty darn good. And so a big green tree would always be the main festive feature for me. However, sometimes it’s nice to deck the whole house out in decorations and I think today’s tree ideas would be perfect for the children’s rooms. Mainly because they’re on the wall so they’re less likely to get destroyed!


Awesome images courtesy of:

  1. Christmas Tree Wall Decal: LeoLittleLion
  2. Driftwood logs Christmas tree: MarzaShop
  3. Reclaimed wood tree: Yvestown
  4. Litte Lamb Garland: Down to the Woods
  5. Washi tape tree via All Washi Tape
  6. Toys and trinkets tree: All the Luck in the World via The Designer Pad
  7. Chalkboard tree: A Legg Up
  8. Fairy light Christmas tree via Girly Obsessions
  9. Boxes tree via Pinterest

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Animal masks & bundt cake

Children’s parties don’t need to be months of prep and planning (hooray!)… they can be as simple as some colourful napkins, animal masks to play with and a couple of bright banners strung on the wall. Add a bundt cake doused in chocolate and sprinkles and you have an easy-to-put-together-but-still-stupidly-gorgeous party that the kids will love!


Awesome images: bliss!

I love the plastic animals dotted around too. No need to buy party supplies, just raid the toy box!

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Fairy Light Feature

There are fairy lights everywhere at this time of year! I love it! But they shouldn’t just be restricted to Christmas, and certainly not in children’s lives, so here are some ideas and lots of inspiration for how you can use fairy lights as a feature in children’s rooms:

nursery fairy lights

Awesome images courtesy of:

  1. Gap Interiors
  2. Glittering Shards
  3. Nosy Crow
  4. Marlow Bottom Fireworks
  5. Home Shopping Spy
  6. Dawanda
  7. Sleepy Heads
  8. Folding Trees
  9. From Lovely-Light via Babyology

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