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Global art

I know globes are a great educational toy for a child but after seeing the globes created by Wendy Gold I now know they can be a piece of art too. Wendy uses globes as a canvas for her decoupage craft. She sources vintage globes and transforms them with the addition of recycled materials on the surface. Here’s a shot of her studio, with pretty globes all in a row ready to be worked on…


Changing the world

And she transforms them into this…


Designs on her website have a price code and range from $150 – $450 but for a little extra you can customise them with names or certain locations being highlighted. I think the globes are utterly gorgeous and would make a fantastic addition to a child’s bedroom.

Just one thing to keep in mind though; as some of these globes are very old they are no longer geographically accurate. This isn’t a problem if you’re buying for a purely decorative object but in case you want to teach the little one geography then best to request a newer globe!

 Heart Debs

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