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“My Dad taught me not to pee in houses.” :)

 Heart Verity

Happy Father’s Day!

We are interrupting the usual Kids Say The Funniest Things this week to bring you a post dedicated to Dads. Normal scheduling will resume next week :)

Well we hope all the Dads have been treated to lots of extra cuddles, breakfast in bed (after a lie in) and some beautiful handmade presents. This is the day that we celebrate our Dads (though shouldn’t that really be every day?) and deservedly so because Dads are pretty bloomin marvellous.

We thought we would share some pictures of us with our wonderful Dads – because we were cute! But also just to give us an excuse to say “love you Dad”.

There’s Debs enjoying a good book and a bedtime snuggle…


And Verity and her Dad having a kiss and a cuddle…

Dad poem

    “Dad” by Karen K Boyer

To all Dads, old and new, past and present, of many and of few – there’ll never be a better Dad than you! Have a great day everyone :)

 Heart Debs and Verity

Drawings for Dad

A couple of these aren’t technically drawings but you’ve probably realised by now I’m a fan of alliteration! Either way they’re all great ideas for your little ones to buy their dads and three of them you could even get in time for Father’s Day (if you have a printer or live near a print shop)…


  1. A framed photo is always a lovely present but for something a little different how about a custom illustration of your little one and their daddy. Superstudio have a fresh, modern style that I love.
  2. This Personalized Prints picture is sold as a printable file and the best bit the hands aren’t there in the file. Your children have to create the hand prints. So it’s a perfect mix of a professional looking print with the personal touch: your child’s lil hand-shaped mark on it :)
  3. This is a really sweet illustration by Wall Envy Art. I love the simple paper plane; associated with most men’s childhoods and it’s accompanied by 8 ways to say ‘daddy’.
  4. This retro looking poster from Happy Thought looks cool and has boxing references in it which a sports-loving dad will surely be a fan of! You can download and print it instantly too.
  5. Cute! I love this sweet illustration by LustreLustre. It could be one you buy for the dad but hang in the nursery :)
  6. Mia of Formia does something totally cool with your kids’ drawings… she turns them into titanium keychains! She can also create gold and silver jewellery with them too so definitely one website to check out!
  7. Similar to your child’s artwork on a keychain is your child’s artwork on a plate. Petit Lapin in the UK can do this for you, it’s as simple as scanning and emailing a drawing :)
  8. I love this! And I’m sure so many Star Wars-loving dads (of which there will be loads) will too! Pixeltoaster also do versions with just one mini Star Wars figure and Boba Fett versions and they’re downloadable files so you can get one instantly!

I know that, other than 2, 4 and 8, you couldn’t get these gifts in time for Father’s Day but a great thing about dads is they all have birthdays too ;)

 Heart Debs

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