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Party inspiration: Autumn baby shower

Lots of my friends are pregnant at the moment – it makes me very jealous! It’s such a wonderful experience. So many new things to discover, so much excitement and unknown joy to be claimed. It got me thinking about baby showers and that’s what led to this inspiration post. We posted an Autumn leaves nursery inspiration board last year. This time I’m using those gorgeous colours to inspire a baby shower setting. I hope you like it!

party inspiration, autumn, leaves, owls, pumpkins, apples, baby shower

  1. Little pumpkin bundt cake from Fancy Flours
  2. Felt leaf garland from Yesterday on Tuesday
  3. Party table found on Pinterest
  4. Autumn wreath from A Beautiful Mess
  5. Mommy wish tree from Stephanie J Designs via Kara’s Party Ideas
  6. Floating apple candles from Dreamy Whites
  7. Invitation by Tiny Prints
  8. Mason jars from Hostess with the Mostess
  9. Homemade chutney favours by Polka Dot Bride

Are there any other themes you would like us to gather some inspiration for? Please let us know, we do love a challenge! :)

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An apple a day…

…keeps the doctor away. Or so they say. We know this isn’t technically true. But we do know that fruit is good for you and that our children could definitely benefit for some fruity goodness :) Often getting children to eat fruit isn’t the easiest though and sometimes the key is to make eating fruit fun! Here’s 7 fun and yummy ideas that will make apples much more appetizing…


  1. Apple nachos from Taste of Home
  2. Squirmy wormy apple snack from The Family Kitchen
  3. Spiced apple crisps from A Cozy Kitchen
  4. 3D Apple puzzle, find out how to make it at Cute Food for Kids
  5. Apple monsters from Parents
  6. Apple smiles fromFamily
  7. Peanut butter apple sandwich from The Family Kitchen

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