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Pick Strawberries Day : recipe & gift ideas

Today is Pick Strawberries Day! And that’s a lovely springtime idea we can get behind over here at Belle Bébés. If the weather’s lovely enough, taking the little ones out to a farm to pick some strawberries would be a delightful way to spend the day. To find a nearby farm to you in the UK just visit this website.

Once you’ve picked them you can head home to enjoy those strawberries the good old fashioned way with cream, or you could do something a little more creative with them.

Here are a few ideas that have made my mouth water…


Awesome stuff:

  1. Wing it Vegan,
  2. Shop Dirty Laundry,
  3. Nest of Posies,
  4. Pass the Sushi,
  5. The Novice Chef,
  6. Make It, Love It

Strawberry stuff

And just because it’s all about strawberries today, and strawberry stuff is always a cute gift idea for a kid, here are a few of my cute lil’ red berry Etsy finds…


Awesome stuff:

  1. Fingsandthings,
  2. Tinocchio
  3. Mia Piccina
  4. ei!kumpel
  5. Isadora
  6. The Crafty Button UK

 Heart Debs

Valentine’s Video

I love hearing children talk about love!! So cute :)

From Small Fry via Design Taxi

 Heart Verity

This small

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break and spent some amazing time with your awesome children!

I found this poem this week and just had to share it – it made me cry and the message has really stuck in my mind since. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Now if that hasn’t touched you I’m guessing you’re either not a parent, or, they’re already teenagers ;)

Unfortunately I can’t credit the author as I haven’t been able to find out who it is, so if you know, please tell us so we can update this post!

Looking forward to exciting things for belle bébés in 2013! Hope to see lots of you! :)

Update 2nd February: We found the author of these beautiful words, or rather, she found us! Steph Turner wrote the poem which can be found over at My Children Mean Everything To Me. Thank you Steph!

 Heart Verity

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