Talk Like a Pirate Day : DIY candy-filled treasure chest

I’m revisiting a post today because it’s that time of year again – the time to talk like pirates! Also, this treasure chest is still awesome and deserves a second look… or indeed a first look for all our new followers!

Ahoy me hearties! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day; which is probably one of the silliest but most fun days there is!

Because every pirate should have a chest of treasure they’ve swashbuckled o’er the high seas to get hold of, I’m bringing you an awesome recipe to make one!

This DIY treasure-filled chest is simple enough to create and looks amazing! You could make candy jewels yourself or buy some from sweet shops such as Candied Cakes with chocolate coins making perfect pieces o’ eight!

DIY Candy-filled treasure chest

You could scale this treasure chest up too with more chocolate covered wafers stuck around a rectangular sponge cake: perfect for a lil’ pirate’s birthday party!

Speaking of parties, check out this awesome pirate party we featured over three years ago now for loads more inspiration.

Oooo-aaarrrr ;D

 Heart Debs

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