Maleficent… a wickedly wonderful shoot

The latest Disney film Maleficent opened in the UK last Wednesday, and one of our favourite photographers, Marie Donn, celebrated with her own inspired shoot!

Themed around this Stella McCartney Maleficent dress, Marie enlisted the help of Tia who just so happens to be awesome at facial expressions and modelled the evil Maleficent perfectly!

Along with a lace crow and a spinning wheel found in Marie’s attic (she’s a self-confessed props addict!) they made their way down to the woods…

Maleficent by Marie Donn

Awesome aren’t they?!

I checked out Maleficent myself last week and, although primarily aimed at children, I thought there was plenty to entertain an adult too. I enjoyed the back story to the Sleeping Beauty fairytale; very imaginative and cleverly tied in a lot of the details from the original story, whilst also modernising other aspects. And the film was visually stunning… the special effects and the make-up were amazing. Definitely a fantastic one to watch with the family!

And if your little one sees the film and has a desperate need to play dress up afterwards, you now know who to call to capture those priceless shots ;)

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