Beautiful backyard dens

It’s Summer and time to make the most of your outdoor space, and get the kids enjoying some time in the sun. What better idea than to encourage some backyard dens! From old sheets thrown over rope strung up between trees to permanent living willow spaces, there’s a den idea to suit every space, budget and time allowance. Throw in some cushions, favourite toys and fairy lights, and you’ve got a beautiful outdoor space for the kids to retreat to.

Backyard dens

Awesome dens from top to bottom and left to right:

  1. Living tipi sculpture by Alexis Tricoire
  2. Easy tent from Little Bit Funky
  3. Princess den found on Pinterest
  4. Lovely lights and a campfire, also found on Pinterest
  5. A quiet corner created by Puzzles Family Daycare
  6. A stencilled tent by Design Inspiration
  7. Living willow den by Little Trekkers
  8. A den amongst the flowers from All Through The Looking Glass
  9. Create a sheltered spot like this one from Aged and Gilded
  10. Or a hideaway in the trees from Idha Lindhag

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