A sunny Paris shoot by French Grey Photography

Something to consider when booking a photography shoot for your family is location. It could be in the home, or it could be outside OR it could even be abroad!

It’s not a common idea, but actually picking a foreign destination for your photo shoot could be an excellent one. You could add visual interest with famous landmarks, my be more likely to get sunny weather and, as you’re on holiday, you’ll hopefully be happy and relaxed which makes for the most natural photos!

A family in France

As an example I have a beautiful family session of three generations photographed in Paris to share with you today.

Elizabeth (an event planner from Washington) and her family came from DC Washington to Paris for their summer vacation and she wanted to organise a Parisian family shoot as a gift to her parents.

Brian of 
French Grey Photography captured these images around Notre Dame, along the Seine river and in the gardens overlooking the Eiffel Tower…

French Grey Photography by Brian Wright Paris Shoot

How beautiful are those images? I especially love the last one!

What do you think? Will you be thinking about a photo shoot on your next holiday?

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