Outdoor Kids by Julie Vance

Kids are often happiest when they’re outdoors… playing, exploring, splashing in rain puddles, kicking up the leaves, building snowmen, or getting messy in mud. And, the ideal time for that portrait shoot is when they’re happiest.

Because of this, photographer Julie Lawler aka Julie Vance Photography has been running quarterly events called ‘Outdoor Kids’…

The concept, is short 20 minute mini sessions, shot in outdoor locations, to create rich, colorful, classic portraits. I absolutely love photographing children in natural, outdoor environments… I love the light, the tones and textures that outdoor provides and I love how relaxed and at ease the children are in the open air :)

Here are a few shots Julie’s captured during her ‘Outdoor Kids’ sessions…

Julie Vance Outdoor Kids

As a mum to three, Julie’s main focus over the past five years has been her children. However this summer will see them all in school and so Julie has plans to build on her business…

Outdoor Kids events have been really well received and my plan is to expand on this and start ‘Outdoor Kids’ tours across the country with the help of some wonderful Outdoor Kids location scouts (mums) who are helping me to spread the word and source the best locations. Scouts get their shoot and prints in return for their help!

If you’d like to know more about the ‘Outdoor Kids Tour’ as well as how to have Julie visit your area of the country just send her an email. And for more of Julie’s wonderful work, head to 
her website :)

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Phone: 07773 321803

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