DIY pom-pom play fruit

How cute is this pom-pom fruit from the Mr. Printables Blog?!

DIY Pom Pom Fruit

Too cute!

I need to find a child quick so I can make them some pom-pom fruit!

Actually, I may just make some for me, because I think these would look really rather lovely just sitting on a shelf.

Plenty of pom-poms

Until recently, I thought the most creative you could get with pom-poms was to use multiple wools for a random spattering of colours. And as a child I think I even just stuck to one colour pom-poms.

Seeing a pom pom that isn’t just a fluffy, adorable ball of wool but that also looks like a piece of fruit (whilst maintaining all of its fluffy, adorable pom-pom goodness) is exciting!

And even better than seeing pictures like this is when you discover there’s a tutorial to go along with those pictures, giving you the chance to make them yourself.

DIY Pom Pom Fruit

So far there are tutorials for the kiwi, strawberry, lemon and watermelon over on Mr. Printables, but hopefully the rest will follow.

Even if they don’t, you still have four fun DIY projects to tackle yourself or with the kids that will give you toy fruit for them to play with… or that will look simply adorable on a shelf :)

DIY Pom Pom Fruit

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