Heart-shaped food – edible Valentine’s gifts

Unless you haven’t left the house for the last few weeks, you will know it’s Valentine’s Day coming up. The supermarkets and shopping centres are swamped with cards and just about anything you can think of, covered in hearts and ‘love slogans’. While I am a firm supporter of extra reasons to show love for people, I don’t necessarily think that buying naff gifts is an actual valid portrayal of appreciation. However, if you are encouraged to make/design/craft something for your loved ones, just because it’s Valentine’s Day, then who can say that’s a bad thing?!

One of the most lovely things you could do for someone this Valentine’s Day would be to tailor something edible to their personal tastes. So, I thought I would collate some ideas for heart shaped goodies that you can make with the children this Valentine’s, and show your beloved not only that you love them, but that you know them too!

heart shaped food

Awesome stuff:

  1. Rice crispie cakes
  2. Cut-out muffins
  3. Breakfast egg yolk
  4. Red velvet pancakes with buttermilk syrup
  5. Fruit arrows
  6. Linzer cookies
  7. Cinnamon buns
  8. Ombre cake
  9. Peanut butter and jam cookies
  10. Fondant mints
  11. Special sushi
  12. Homemade sweets

So get the kids involved and get creative this Valentine’s Day! You’ve no excuse now :)

 Heart Verity

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