For the Tooth Fairy

Your child’s first baby tooth falling out is a big deal. It’s exciting for them as it signifies they’re growing up, and it’s probably sad for you as it signifies they’re growing up!

Now I’m not going to get into a debate on the tooth fairy’s going rate for a tooth these days, that’s entirely for you to decide. But I am going to help out with a few ideas to make this milestone in your little one’s life even more special…

Tooth Fairy Letter Kit

This adorable letter kit comes with a tooth loss chart, a tiny bag for a reward, a minuscule letter from the tooth fairy herself, and some fairy dust..

For the Tooth Fairy

From LittleLetterUK

Organic tooth fairy

For the story’s sake, I like to think of this as one of the tooth fairy’s helpers. Pop the tooth in the little pouch at the front and the helper will guard the tooth until the tooth fairy can collect it, leaving a receipt after she’s visited. It handily hangs on a bedroom door too meaning you, like the creator of this fairy, won’t have to forage around with a flashlight trying to locate your child’s tooth under a pillow!

For the Tooth Fairy

From mimishop

Itty bitty box

A simple & sweet little box that will keep your child’s tooth safe for the fairy. Makes a nice keepsake box for you too if you plan on saving your child’s teeth.

For the Tooth Fairy

From Rememberwynn

Tiny tooth bag

I love this cute drawstring tooth bag so much that I may just have to find out if it’s also big enough to hold a travel toothbrush kit :D It comes with a concertinaed booklet featuring a lovely little poem.

For the Tooth Fairy

From Evie Barrow

A door to fairy land

And to finish with something completely different, this teeny door doesn’t help you stash the tooth anywhere, but it does help the tooth fairy arrive safely!

For the Tooth Fairy

From HollyAnna Handmade

Do you have any special tooth fairy traditions? Let us know below :D

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