Amazing stationery by Paper & Ink

I came across the work of talented stationery designer Brenna Berger last week and was blown away!

I had to share it with you all because it’s just so inspiring. Each of her paper projects is like a mini work of art!

Take for example this first birthday invitation

Paper & Ink Elephant Birthday Invitation

Brenna painted the elephants with watercolour then hand-embroidered beads and tiny handmade tassels onto their heads and blankets. The elephants were then digitally printed onto a three fold invitation and delivered in peanut-filled boxes.

Paper & Ink Elephant Birthday Invitation

Tied up with ribbons

Then there’s this pretty pink birth announcement for Brenna’s own little one, complete with flipbook!

Paper & Ink Birth Announcement with Flipbook

Button cute

Beautiful baptism invitations printed onto vintage handkerchiefs…

Paper & Ink Baptism Invitation with Printed Vintage Handkerchiefs

Silver lining

And gorgeous, letterpress-printed, birth announcements inspired by the baby’s name…

Paper & Ink Letterpress Printed Birth Announcement

I really love the hand-torn edge painted with silver. The level of detail is just incredible!

Tea time

Finally, these adorable tea party invitations including a hand made tea bag filled with lavender!

Paper & Ink Tea Party Invitation

So, so lovely!

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