Selection box cake

It’s January, Christmas is over, but you can still find pine needles under the sofa, a gaping hole where the money used to be and a pile of chocolate coated temptation, taking up valuable kitchen cupboard space. This is just some of what we have left…

Selection box chocolate fridge cake

So this weekend, I decided to tackle the latter by up-cycling some of the chocolate madness we were still left with, 2 weeks after the event. Now, for those of you who don’t know, we moved into our new house, the day before Christmas eve. (Which, coincidentally, was also the day after we started our Christmas shopping…) It has been an interesting Christmas this year! A by-product of this rush is a kitchen with no oven, so we had to think of something which didn’t require any baking, and we came up with this selection box chocolate fridge cake recipe! Or selection box cake, if you’re short on time :)

Selection box chocolate fridge cake

Now some of you may be thinking, what’s the point of making a cake for the children with chocolate that you don’t want them to eat? Well, I don’t know about your kids, but mine love to share food that they’ve made. They’ll give it to family, to friends, take it to school, they even encourage me to take things to work sometimes. So, in putting ‘their’ chocolate into a cake, suddenly it becomes everyone’s, and disappears much more quickly, without them having to lose any teeth or their waistlines in the process.

You will need:

Selection box chocolate fridge cake


 Heart 100g/3.5oz unsalted butter

 Heart 250g/8oz digestive biscuits

60g/2oz chopped nuts (we used pecans)

 Heart 150g/5oz chopped dried fruit (we used a mixture of raisins and apricots)

 Heart 100g/3.5oz plain chocolate

 Heart 100g/3.5oz golden syrup

 Heart 150g/5oz selection box chocolate (we used a mixture of Dairy Milk, Buttons, Milky Way, Fudge, Chomp, Curly Wurly and Crunchie)


 Heart Large saucepan

 Heart Heatproof glass bowl

 Heart Rolling pin

 Heart Clingfilm

 Heart Baking tray

 Heart Sandwich/freezer bag


Selection box chocolate fridge cake

 Heart Weigh and measure all of the ingredients.

 Heart Put the biscuits into the food bag and bash into small pieces with the rolling pin.

 Heart Chop all of the chocolate you want to add texture to your cake (we chopped the Crunchie, the Chomp, the Fudge and the Curly Wurly)

 Heart Half fill your pan with boiling water on a medium to low heat.

 Heart Put the dark chocolate and selection box chocolate to be melted, into the glass bowl along with the syrup and the butter, and carefully place over the pan of boiling water.

 Heart Stir until it is melted into a smooth ‘sauce’.

 Heart Carefully remove from the heat.

Selection box chocolate fridge cake

 Heart Add all of the dry ingredients, and stir until everything is coated in your chocolate sauce.

 Heart Line the baking tray with clingfilm. (You may notice that I had to use a ceramic dish as my baking trays were too big, but note that it is harder to remove the cake afterwards if you do use a non-metallic tray.)

 Heart Flatten the mixture down with the back of a spoon so that it is level and firm, and put into the fridge for 1-2 hours (just enough time to go to the park, in our case!).

 Heart Remove from the fridge and cut into small pieces (trust me, you don’t want to encourage anyone to eat too much of this considerable collection of Christmas calories!) I realise now I should have counted, but I think we got 16 pieces out of ours.

Clean up

So as I mentioned earlier, our 2 hour cooling time gave us the chance to go to the park and run off some calorie space for what was to come, but before that of course, we had to clean up, and strangely I didn’t have to look far for volunteers for the syrup spoon…

Selection box chocolate fridge cake

 Heart Verity

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2 Responses to “Selection box cake”

  1. Chris Welsh says:

    This is a great idea, I will have to do this with my kids this weekend! I have far too much chocolate left over ;)

  2. Verity says:

    Enjoy Chris! I know we did (I’m thinking of making another!) :)

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