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We have featured products from Boon a couple of times before quite simply because we love them so much! We had a mealtime round-up and had a little look at their supercool nightlights, and today I have an update on some of their new products.

Cargo snack box

For me personally, this is a great idea! We send Beatrice to pre-school with so much food, it’s difficult to pack it sometimes. Cargo snack boxes, with compartments to keep everything separate, but together, would be perfect for her! And, as we have come to expect with Boon, they look very cool too.

boon products UK

Fresh baby changing station

Easy to clean, easy on the eye, Fresh is the new changing table from Boon, which includes a removable foam pad for comfort and hygiene and a hook on which to attach toys, at just the right height to keep baby’s hands well out of the way of the ‘action area’!

Boon products UK

Modster sippy cups

With a selection of spouts, colours, lids and sizes, the Modster is versatile, kid-friendly and spill proof – what more could you want from a sippy cup? Oh, you want it to look like a monster?! Yes, well it does that too.

Boon products UK

Orb bottle warmer

The Orb is a steam heater for bottles and baby food that heats evenly, turns itself off automatically, doesn’t take up much room in the kitchen and looks like something you might expect to find in the baby changing room at NASA. I like it!

Boon products UK

Gnaw teething tether

I don’t know the ins and outs of how Chinese finger traps work, but this is how Gnaw keeps your childrens’ teethers and snacks from entering ‘5 second rule’ territory.

Boon products UK

Check out Boon’s website for more stylish yet practical baby and toddler products to swoon over.

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