For the little explorers : ZigZag city guides

If you’re anything like me when it’s cold outside, your daydreaming may well be about your next holiday. If a city is top of the list for you but you’re worried that the kids would prefer Disneyland, then these ZigZag City Guides are well worth a look.

Containing thirty educational city cards filled with facts and activities, a fold-out map, and two postcards per set (perfect for keeping in touch with the grandparents), these boxes are a fantastic way to get the kids involved in your big city adventure…

“They’ll learn local history, reflect on what they experience, draw what they see, and take a quiz about [the city], just to keep them on their toes…”

ZigZag City Guides

Curently there are four cities to choose from with London & Chicago due for release in 2014.

An awesome idea that will allow you to all enjoy exploring a big city :)

 Heart Debs

ZigZag City Guides

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