Handmade stocking stuffers

Christmas is almost upon us!

I’ve (thankfully) almost finished with the Christmas shopping, just a few festive things left to get…

If you’re still looking for those last little gifts for your little ones, then here are a few ideas for you.

Gorgeous handmade gifts that would make awesome stocking stuffers (or birthday gifts if it’s a little too late for them to get to you in time!)…

Christmas Ideas - Kids' Stocking Stuffers

Awesome stuff (from top to bottom and left to right):

  1. Wooden toy camera
 by Aoife James
  2. Memory matching game by Smiling Tree Toys
  3. Let’s Go Fishing game by Cattoy4
  4. Spinning Tops by Homegrown Toys
  5. Rapunzel Make your Own Peg Doll Story Kit by 2 Little Flowers
  6. Crayon wallet by Lil B Designs
  7. Kaleidoscope by Studio Robert Wu
  8. Yo-yo by Tweet Toys
  9. Mouse miniature in matchbox by Atelier Pompadour
  10. Woodland felt finger puppets by Amy Panda

Happy shopping!

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