Christmas Pyjamas from Hello Dear Kids

When me and my brother were little my parents started a Christmas tradition to buy us pyjamas and gift them to us on Christmas Eve. It was practical in that it replaced pyjamas that we’d outgrown, but it was also exciting for us to put on brand new PJs before heading off for the most exciting sleep of the year: the one where we woke up every hour just to see if the stocking was stuffed with presents!

Even last year at the age of 30, mum bought me pyjamas on Christmas Eve!

The gift of cosy

Christmas is the perfect time for a tradition like this, or even just a one off gift of pyjamas, because when it’s wintery outside, having lovely PJs to cosy up in is such a treat.

And on that note, here are some lovely PJs I recently came across in the Etsy store Hello Dear Kids

Christmas Pyjamas from Hello Dear Kids

Is it just me that wishes these came in adult sizes?!

 Heart Debs

Hello Dear Kids

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