Casa De Gato Nursing Necklace

Practical and pretty is such a wonderful combination. And that’s exactly what the nursing necklaces from 
Casa De Gato are.

I’m sure mums will be aware that babies love to grab at things when they’re feeding, and to chew on things when they’re teething. Unfortunately, most of the time, the nearest thing to them is your necklace!

But then there’s the worry it may break leaving small beads in baby’s mouth. Not good!

Galia from Israel has come up with the solution. She makes necklaces from organic wood beads and cotton that are safe for your little one to chew on, the perfect size for tiny hands to play with and, awesomely for you, they look lovely too!

Have a peek for yourself…

Casa De Gato Nursing Necklace

To get your own nursing necklace just head over to Galia’s shop, and treat yourself and your child at the same time!

 Heart Debs

Casa De Gato shop

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