The “World’s Best Father”

Although “World’s Best Father” is a title bestowed upon many dads by their biased kids, I imagine Dave Engledow will be seen by many as one of the world’s best, purely because of his awesome photography project of the same name!

In the project Dave documents his life with his adorable daughter Alice Bee in a way that is actually the opposite of what a good father would do. Instead he is portraying a parody of the father he hopes he never becomes: distracted, self-absorbed, neglectful, clueless, or even occasionally overbearing.

World's Best Father Photography

The shot above is the first he took in the series, here’s what Dave says about it…
“The first World’s Best Father image I shot was initially intended as a one-off. I wanted to capture the dazed, sleep-deprived obliviousness of the new father, while at the same time gently poking fun at myself and new fathers everywhere. I knew I wanted to portray the new father absent-mindedly using the baby’s bottle of milk for his own coffee while holding the baby like a football. Right before staging the shot, inspiration hit and I decided that the shot might be stronger if the coffee mug said something like “father of the year” or some similar superlative so I purchased the mug that has since made an appearance in all images…”

After an amazing response to the first image Dave decided to create another one for Independence Day, featuring Alice with a lit match dangerously close to some fireworks…

The start of the series

“The 4th of July image is the one that really got the WBF series off and running, and provides the template for the vast majority of images in this series-multiple shots taken on a tripod and merged in Photoshop to create a (hopefully) realistic and humorous portrait of an act of parenting that is dangerous, neglectful, or just plain wrong.”

Here’s that image, and a few more…

World's Best Father Photography

Awesome images: Dave Engledow

I especially love the last one!

What an awesome project: the perfect photographs to put into a beautiful coffee table and gift to Alice on her 18th I do believe :)

 Heart Debs

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