Childhood treasures by Becky Brisco

Vancouver-based designer Becky Brisco sells all manner of lovely things in her online shop. The jewellery is worth checking out by us older folk (good gifts for others or ourselves perhaps), but there’s a great kids section too. Featuring awesome items such as…


Handmade in shearling and leather, these booties are beautiful! As well as those buying booties for baby, Becky notes that some people just buy them to put on display in their home. I can see why… I love detailed miniature things so much!



This adorable mobile is available as a multicultural family or a family of redheads. Both will make you smile just as those wooden faces are :)


Teepee time

Which kid wouldn’t like a teepee?! And this one comes with felt decals so you can decorate it yourself. Makes it all the more awesome in my eyes!


Mementos & memories

Then there’s this charming little tooth holder, inspired by Becky finding her own baby teeth in a glass vial inside an antique ink well in her father’s home. She still has that treasure to this day and created a similar vessel so others can have treasures of their own.

Similarly, the memento lockets allow you to save something sentimental such as a lock of hair, eyelashes for wishes, sand or soil from a place you hold dear in your heart… along with a tea-stained simple phrase.

Becky Brisco Memories

All these items are beautiful and there are many more treasures to be discovered over in Becky’s shop. Enjoy exploring :)

 Heart Debs

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