World Kiss Day : Kids & kisses

Tomorrow it’s World Kiss Day! Because of this adorable occasion I thought it’d be lovely to collect a few pictures of kids kissing, because we all know how adorable they are…

World Kiss Day July 6th

Awesome images courtesy of (from top to bottom & left to right):

  1. Via Fragile Stillness,
  2. Via Pixdaus,
  3. Anne Geddes,
  4. Via Pinterest,
  5. Via Human Consumption,
  6. Via The Feathered Nest,
  7. Via All Posters,
  8. Via Pinterest

Awwwwww! I love the one where three’s definitely a crowd and that grumpy girl is not happy she’s not the one receiving a kiss!

Make sure you all smooch the ones you love tomorrow and have a very happy weekend :)

MWAH! xxx

 Heart Debs

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