Handmade toys by MonAmiBear

These gorgeous handmade toys are the creations of Jeanne Pan’kova of Russia, and can be found for sale in her Livemaster shop MonAmiBear . I find myself totally drawn to these teddies’ unusual, and actually quite human, expressions. I can’t decide whether some of them are sad or maybe confused, but I want to take them home with me to try to find out! I think they’re all absolutely adorable!

handmade toys teddies

What do you think about teddies with sad expressions? They’re normally quite blank aren’t they! I love that these are so much more life-like in their faces, whilst remaining toy-like in all other aspects. That makes them all the more compelling!

There are even more gorgeous handmade toys to see over in Jeanne’s shop. Go feast your eyes!

 Heart Verity

MonAmiBear LiveMaster shop

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