Delicious decor : patterned paint roller

I’m going to make a confession. Originally this post was going to be on some gorgeous wallpaper I found. It was super lovely but it was rather expensive. And then, randomly, I came across the Patterned Paint Roller and switched the post instantly. Because the result is just as pretty!

OK so there’s a little work involved, but then wallpaper isn’t the easiest thing in the world to put up and with the roller you could apply directly to a painted wall. Plus the roller and necessary applicator will only set you back £26. Add a bit of paint to that total and you’re still saving yourself money, considering the paper I was drooling over was £70 a roll!

Decor idea - Patterned Paint RollerDecor idea - Patterned Paint Roller

Fabrics & furnishings

You can even use the paint rollers on fabrics too, provided you buy the applicator that will do the job. So you can match that lampshade or those cushions to the newly patterned walls. Lovely!

Decor idea - Patterned Paint Roller

To see how it’s done, and to get a little less scared about the whole process (I know stuff like this can be intimidating if you’re not a dab-hand at DIY), watch this video…

Although you’ll feel just as satisfied having wrestled with wallpaper as you will using the paint roller, there is the added incentive of saving a few pounds too. I’m all for a bit of a bargain :)

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