Custom cookie cutters

3D printers are such an awesome invention! Especially when they can be used for something as important as allowing a duck to walk after being born with one foot turned backwards!

Using a 3D printer for making custom cookie cutters is another important example in my eyes. OK, so it’s not quite as ground-breaking as the duck story, but getting to have a cookie in the shape of My Little Pony or a Transformer? That’s pretty special!

WarpZone Custom Cookie Cutters

Personally I’d have to go to for the Game of Thrones sigil cookie cutter set, because I’m a massive fan…

WarpZone Custom Cookie Cutters

Awesome cookie cutters made by WarpZone

I’d totally be savouring the Stark cookies myself and making my guests eat the Lannister lion-printed biscuits ;)

 Heart Debs

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