Citizens Collectible: customised dolls

Customised stuff is awesome. Take dolls for example. You could buy your kids regular dolls to play with OR you could buy them Citizens Collectible dolls, customised to look like your entire family!

There are loads of different options available, including different hair styles and colours, even what clothes your family should be wearing. And your pets can join in the fun too!


Personally I’d be making my man grow a beard just because I think it looks amazing on the dolls! :D

Adorable onesies

Citizens Collectible also make adorable onesies featuring a host of cute characters.


Your little one in a Citizens Collectible onesie cuddling your entire family in plush form? Brilliant!

 Heart Debs

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One Response to “Citizens Collectible: customised dolls”

  1. oh I’ve come across the Citizens Collectible quite a few times already and I just love what they can offer <3 wondering if mom and I could offer more personalised items through our shop… oh well maybe something for the future :)

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