Noodoll : bold design & fun faces

When it comes to design I love bold lines, bright colours, and anything with an adorable face! So it makes perfect sense that I can’t help smiling at everything Noodoll has to offer :D

Created by London-based YiYing Wang as part of her MA in communication design, Noodoll has a massive range of products that not only are your kids going to love but I’m sure you will too.

Today I’m just going to show you two ranges because I think they’re the most kid/nursery friendly…

Plush Toys

Noodoll Plush Toys for Kids


Noodoll Prints for the Nursery

But make sure you get yourself over to the website as they also have tote bags, iPhone cases & stationery that you may just like to snap up for yourself :)

 Heart Debs

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