Awesome toys for Log Cabin Day!

Happy Log Cabin Day! A little random perhaps, but I can totally get behind what today is all about: appreciating cabins, and more so the lifestyle that accompanies them. A life without the internet or television to distract you from peaceful play :)

And, with play in mind, here are a few ways to get the kids’ imaginations working…

Log Cabin Day Children's Toys

Awesome stuff:

  1. LEGO Creator Log Cabin,
  2. Camp Fire Kids Log Cabin Tent,
  3. Log Cabin Playhouse,
  4. Tom Timber Playhouse,
  5. Funny Farm Toy Barn,
  6. Playmobil Forest Lodge
  7. Sylvanian Families Log Cabin,

I must admit, I really want number 7 for myself!

If you love cabins as much as me, feel free to check out my other blog, Live Small, Dream Big, as I occasionally post awesome ones over there :)

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