Isobel & George : natural family portraits by Jo Hone

Isabel & George’s godfather commissioned Jo Hone for today’s featured shoot. He wanted some natural portraits of the kids, a relaxed portrait for the family, and a few photos of him thrown in for good measure.

Jo met godfather Rob, his best friend Tom and Tom’s daughter Isobel in a coffee shop where she snapped a few adorable shots (love the wellies!), before heading (or in Isobel’s case, running!) home to meet up with Liz & George. After Isobel & George had a play fight with Rob they went onto a country pub for lunch and then enjoyed the countryside.

All the while Jo snapped away and the result is some fantastic photos that don’t seem at all forced. Here’s a day in the life of Isobel & George…

Isobel and George by Jo Hone PhotographyIsobel and George by Jo Hone Photography

Awesome images courtesy of 
Jo Hone

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