DIY Summer Activities – Giant ice cube!

I love Summer. When the sun shines, everything is easier. Even entertaining children (or maybe, allowing them to entertain themselves!), just open the doors and let them play, that’s all it takes when the sun is shining. But helping the children to play constructively in Summer can be a little more challenging. I’m always on the lookout for good ideas for Summer activities to get the girls playing/learning together. So I found this amazing idea from Naughty Secretary Club via Crumbbums to entertain your children for ages this Summer!

It’s such a simple idea, but a great way to get the kids talking and working together and focus their attention on something other than making themselves hot! All you need to do is fill a container (washing up bowl, bucket, tray etc) with water and add their favourite plastic toys. I guess layering is the best way to get the toys evenly distributed and make it more of a challenge. This tutorial says 12 hours should do it, for a block about this thick.

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Love it!

The full tutorial and more gorgeous images can be found over at Crumbbums.

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