Smart PJs : interactive pajamas for the bedtime story

We live in a technological world. A world where even pajamas are interactive it would appear!

Interactive pajamas for the bedtime story

Smart PJs have come up with the world’s first set of bed-wear that you can scan with your smart phone. The different sets of dots on the pajamas, or ‘codes’, will each bring up a different bedroom story, when used with an app, to read to your child…

Interactive pajamas for the bedtime storyInteractive pajamas for the bedtime story

Awesome idea: Smart PJs via Cool Mom Tech

Technology vs. Tradition

It’s an interesting idea, and one they hope will get children more excited about bedtime.

What do you think? Do you prefer this idea to reading them a regular book?

Personally, I love innovative ideas and whilst this would be a lot of fun for the occasional bedtime it would have to go along with your more regular reading for me.

I do think it’s a good idea to introduce technology to children from a young age as they’re going to be surrounded by it for the rest of their lives, and are more than likely going to be using it in their chosen profession. But I also think that sometimes it’s lovely to escape the electronics and would like to make sure that some elements of my childhood don’t get taken over by technology; reading them a bedtime story, from a regular book full of pictures where they can turn the pages, is definitely one of them :)

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