4moms Origami – power-folding pushchair

Anyone who has ever has a fight with a pushchair will know how incredibly frustrating it can be, when you’re in the rain, with a screaming baby and you’re late for your appointment, and the button/switch/handle gets stuck. 4 moms have the answer – Origami is its name. A battery powered buggy that folds and unfolds itself at the push of a button! With generators in its wheels, it even charges itself as you walk and can provide enough power to charge your phone too! On top of that, it has in-built lights, an LCD display with information about your trip and it comes in a range of funky colours.

4moms origami, battery powered pushchair,

As with everything, 4moms Origami does have some drawbacks – at 32lb (14.5kg) I can imagine it would be quite cumbersome to lift in and out of the car and I’m not sure then if this would negate the ease of collapse? The other thing for me is that storage is minimal – although you can purchase additional storage accessories, there still wouldn’t be enough space to hold a standard changing bag (or not one jam-packed like mine anyway!).

Despite these, I’m sure you’ll agree, the Origami is a pretty neat bit of kit. Hopefully they’ll have ironed out any teething problems by the time I come to have my next baby! :)

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