DIY Piñata cupcakes

I love surprises. Especially when the surprises are in the form of sweets! Kids are bound to love these adorable piñata cupcakes. A cupcake is good as it is but even more awesome when there are hidden sweets inside a chocolatey shell!

Fun food for kids : piñata cupcakesFun food for kids : piñata cupcakes

Awesome cupcakes from La Receta de la Felicidad via Oh! Cupcakes

Head on over to La Receta de la Felicidad for the recipe, and if you need help finding dome moulds, for the chocolate shells, I found this one for you that should do the trick :)

Remember you can fill the dome with anything you like too: marshmallow, jelly, more chocolate… You could even hide something non-edible in there such as a child’s toy; kind of like a DIY version of a Kinder egg. Awesome!

 Heart Debs

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