DIY sweet treats : pizza cookies

What is it about food things that look like other food things?!

I don’t get it, I just know I love it!

And if I love it I’m pretty sure children will. I mean a cookie that looks like a cookie is pretty boring… nothing new there. Tasty sure, but we’ve seen it all before…

But a cookie that looks like a pizza? That’s exciting!

These pizza cookies by Sweet Sugar Belle will show you exactly what I mean!

DIY Pizza CookiesDIY Pizza CookiesDIY Pizza CookiesDIY Pizza Cookies

Amazing right?!

And a great dessert idea, or party favour, for a pizza party :)

Lots of toppings

Of course, as with regular pizzas, there are countless topping ideas for pizzas of the cookie variety. Here are just a few examples…

DIY Pizza Cookies

Awesome recipes (from left to right): Filth Wizardry, Delish,

Savoury pizza followed by sweet pizza sounds like a pretty perfect meal to me!

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