Mother’s Day – A sweet DIY gift

This DIY gift which the girls and I made as a birthday present for Gavin, would make a lovely gift for Mummies this Mother’s Day!

When searching for ideas for Gavin’s Father’s Day gift, I came across these tutorials by Kristine McKay, and we really liked the personalised jars and bottles idea. We came up with another idea for Father’s Day, but decided to make our own version of these for Gavin’s birthday, which was last week.

We took 6 chutney jars and filled them with his favourite sweets, but you could use drink bottles or any glass jars and fill them with absolutely anything! You could use other sweet or savoury treats or you could even make your own drinks to fill the bottles. It all depends on the recipient’s favourite treat! Then all you have to do is make some jar labels, lid labels and find or make a box to put them in.

I couldn’t find empty jars that were the right shape or size anywhere, so I bought chutney jars and emptied them into a big sealed box, so we could use the chutney later. We chose Gavin’s 6 favourite sweeties and bought enough to fill each jar with a different treat. We covered the lids with cupcake cases, wrapped an elastic band around them and stuck a label on the top, and put the bigger labels onto the jars themselves. The box we used was cut down from a larger cardboard box and just wrapped in some gift wrapping paper, to make it a bit prettier. We also added some strips of cardboard inside to stop the jars from hitting each other.

As well as putting a label on each jar to inform of its contents, we also added an extra label on the back, and on each jar, this label had a different reason why we love Daddy. (I think this might have been his favourite bit!) Alice made our labels on the computer, but you could get the kids to decorate these by hand, for that extra personal touch. It just so happens that Alice is at the ‘I need to do everything on a computer’ stage, so that did make it personal for us :)

The whole thing took just a few hours and less than £10 to complete, but it was Gavin’s favourite present to recieve and our favourite to give! And it’s a great gift for anyone on any occasion, because it’s so personalisable (real word?!).

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