Free printables: DIY Mother’s Day cake bunting

It’s Mother’s Day (in the UK) on Sunday, and so to celebrate I thought I’d make some cute cake bunting for you and give it away for free! Yay!

If you’re a mother yourself and would love some cake bunting adorning your favourite cake this Sunday perhaps just leave this post open on the computer, and hope somebody sees it and takes the hint ;)

DIY Mother's Day Printable Cake Bunting

What you need:

  • Printed bunting
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Glue
  • Lollipop sticks or skewers
  • Your mum’s favourite cake

What you need to do:

  • Download the two files at the bottom of this post.
  • Print them out on to some nice thick paper.
  • Cut out the letters you need.
  • Fold the flags in half and stick them together around some twine.
  • Tie the twine to two lollipop sticks or wooden skewers.
  • Pop the sticks in the cake of your choice.
  • Present it to your mum on Mother’s Day and watch her smile :D

I chose a Battenburg cake as it’s my mum’s favourite, despite it not being the prettiest of cakes. Still, you get the idea ;)

DIY Mother's Day Printable Cake Bunting

Messages for mum

I haven’t included the whole alphabet in the bunting printables but there are a few phrases you’ll be able to make that I’m sure will delight your mum…

  • I Love You Mum/Mom/Mummy/Mommy
  • We Love You Mum/Mom/Mummy/Mommy
  • I ♥ You Mum/Mom/Mummy/Mommy
  • We ♥ You Mum/Mom/Mummy/Mommy
  • Happy Mother’s Day

And perhaps some other combos I haven’t even thought of! I threw in a few cute icons too for good measure. I hope you enjoy using them and I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day!

Download your free printables here:
Mother’s Day bunting 1
Mother’s Day bunting 2

 Heart Debs

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  1. San Ferreira says:

    What is the name of the font used?

  2. Debs says:

    Hi San! It’s Lobster 1.3 :)

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