An amigurumi owl

Any crochet fans out there? This one’s for you! I (finally – it took many attempts) learnt how to crochet a couple of years ago now; I find it a handy skill to have when a new baby is born. When my lovely friends Brendyn & Sachi became parents to a beautiful boy Ren it was time to hit Etsy and find a new creature to crochet!

I came across Fresh Stitches and fell a little in love with her owl creation. What is it with owls at the moment? They’re everywhere!

Tips and tutorials

Stacey sells lots of other crochet patterns too, and what I really love about this particular crocheter is how much she shares on her blog. The pattern came with plenty of clickable links taking you directly to a video tutorial ensuring you’d know exactly what you were doing.


I made the owl in a slightly lighter weight wool and, as I also crochet quite tightly, he’s a little smaller than the pattern suggested. But I don’t think that makes him any less adorable! Meet Ohmi the owl…


I quite fancy crocheting a bonsai tree next :)

 Heart Debs

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