Chore chart

A chore chart is a great way to get older kids to do some jobs around the house, often in exchange for a reward such as pocket money. But chore charts can also work really well with little ones, introducing them to the tasks that you’d like to get them into the habit of doing daily.

Depending on their age, some chores they may need help with but eventually they’ll be able to do them all on their own. And by placing a sticker on the chore chart the tasks will be more fun and less forgetful!

Danyelle of dandee created a chore chart for two of her five children, Audrey (3) and Oliver (2). She wanted to encourage the daily tasks of making their beds, getting dressed, clearing their dishes from the table, brushing their teeth and putting away toys.


It’s a lovely clean design and very simple to use. For more info, and to download the chart yourself, just head over to this post on dandee.

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